Why Does the Face Look Sunken Over Time?

Youthful facial characteristics are often indicated by a well-defined facial structure and voluminous features. When patients are young, their facial shape typically resembles an inverted triangle with fat and volume primarily residing in the cheeks. […]

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Can a Tummy Tuck Reduce Back Pain?


Most people are well aware of the aesthetic enhancements afforded by the tummy tuck procedure, but lesser known benefits of abdominoplasty include the potential improvements to one’s general health. Namely, women who have previously had […]

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Are Sagging Upper Arms Genetic?

Although genetics may affect the way your body fat is distributed, sagging upper arms are primarily caused by two factors: extra weight or loose, redundant skin. Patients can even experience both issues, resulting in visible […]

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Facial Fat Transfer vs. Dermal Fillers

As the body’s natural production of collagen wanes, youthful features in the face can be masked by thinning skin, a loss of fullness, and depleted facial volume. Fortunately, our Scottsdale-based plastic surgeon offers several highly […]

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Rhinoplasty vs. Liquid Rhinoplasty


There are many reasons why you may be compelled to pursue nose recontouring, whether your motivation is to resolve a longtime insecurity, to enhance breathing, or to generally improve facial balance. With advances in aesthetic […]

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How to Fix a Broken Nose

A broken nose does not always require formal medical treatment; however, attention from a doctor or a board-certified plastic surgeon may be necessary if the fracture has damaged the bones and/or cartilage of your nasal […]

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Reopening Letter to Patients

To the valued patients of Geoffrey E. Leber, MD and Leber Skin & Laser Center, On Monday, May 11, 2020, it is with great pleasure that I announce the reopening of my Scottsdale practice to […]

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