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Patients at Leber Skin and Laser Center begin their spa experience with a Visia skin analysis. Developed by Canfield Imaging Systems, this multi-spectral imaging system provides some of the most comprehensive information on skin health today. In addition to identifying areas requiring treatment, the Visia skin analysis can track treatments to determine whether those treatments are having the desired effect at the cellular level.

Who is it for?

Dr. Geoffrey Leber—our board-certified plastic surgeon—provides a Visia skin analysis to every patient at the first visit. The pain-free process takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and allows the med spa staff to customize skin care treatments to a patient’s specific needs. After the initial evaluation, the analysis is repeated every 3-4 months to ensure treatments are producing the desired results.

What does it do?

The Visia skin analysis system is used to evaluate the following areas affecting complexion health and appearance:

  • Wrinkles
  • Skin discolorations
  • Pores
  • Skin tone consistency
  • UV spots
  • Bacteria and oil

The system also compares one patient’s skin health to the skin of other women in the same age range and of similar ethnicities. This helps women understand the current condition of their skin more thoroughly, so they can make better choices about the products and treatments they choose.

How does it work?

Prior to the analysis, patients will be asked to remove all makeup and skin care products from the skin. The Visia skin analysis is performed in just a few minutes, using a series of close-up photos of the face. Results of the analysis are available immediately, and patients will be given a copy of the results to take home.

The Visia skin analysis is considered one of the most thorough evaluations of the skin available today.

Visia Benefits

  • communicate clearly using powerful visual tools
  • develop more targeted treatment programs
  • improve patient satisfaction with recommended skin care treatments and regimens
  • track treatment progress and outcomes effectively over time