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Chemical peels are topical solutions used to refresh and rejuvenate the skin through the exfoliation process. Peel formulas work by removing dead, dry cells on the surface of the skin, leaving softer, smoother skin behind. There are many different formulations of chemical peels, allowing for customization of treatment to a patient’s specific skin type, needs and desired results.

Types of Chemical Peels

At Leber Skin and Laser Center, plastic surgeon Geoffrey Leber, MD offers the following chemical peel options:

Jan Marini Transform Peel: The Transform Peel by Jan Marini Skin Research® is designed to reduce pigmentation and comprehensively resurface the skin. Using a combination of high-concentration acids, Retinol, peptides, and antioxidants, the Transform Peel can improve signs of aging, acne, and hyperpigmentation for most skin types.

Jan Marini Clarify Peel: As another part of the Marini Peel System, the Clarify Peel can be a powerful treatment for more substantial rejuvenation of aging or acne-prone skin. This medical-grade peel can drastically improve the skin’s texture by using a combination of salicylic and mandelic acid to clear follicles, improve oily skin, and reduce acne as well as hyperpigmentation.

ZO® 3-STEP PEEL™: Developed by ZO® Skin Health, the 3-STEP PEEL™ is a light to medium-depth chemical peel that can treat fine lines, melasma, and sun damage, as well as improve an uneven or dull skin tone and poor texture. Through a three step process designed to exfoliate, stimulate, and calm the skin, this peel can brighten your complexion and repair imperfections while firming the skin and increasing collagen production.

TCA Peel: Composed of non-toxic trichloroacetic acid, the TCA peel is designed to treat melasma, brown spots, age spots, fine lines, and some types of acne. This peel can also foster a smoother and softer skin texture and provide a healthy, natural glow. With the ability to be applied in light to medium depths, TCA peels usually achieve the best results when completed in a series of two to three treatments.

PCA Skin® Peel: The PCA Skin® Peel can be an effective treatment to generally improve skin tone and texture, treat fine lines, or reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation. While there is little to no downtime after the PCA peel, following the PCA Skin® after-care regimen can help minimize facial redness after treatment.

What is Treatment with a Chemical Peel Like?

The patient’s skin is thoroughly cleansed before the peel solution is applied. The amount of time required for the peel to work varies based on the specific formulation used and the skin concerns to be addressed. When the appropriate amount of time has elapsed, the peel solution is washed off of the skin and neutralized. Depending on the type of peel treatment you choose to undergo, some layered peels are left to treat the skin for approximately eight hours or overnight. Your aesthetician will give you specific instructions regarding how long your peel should stay applied if it’s not rinsed off in-office. There is no downtime after light chemical peels.

What are the Results of Chemical Peel Treatment?

Immediately after a chemical peel, skin should feel softer and smoother. Results of a chemical peel are temporary and treatment will need to be repeated every one or two months to maintain results.

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