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The neck can be another area of the body that belies a person’s age, as fatty deposits develop around the neckline. This can lead to the appearance of a double chin and otherwise alter a youthful jawline. The result can also make an individual look heavier, even if they have not experienced significant weight gain.

Neck liposuction removes those pockets of excess fat, for a sleeker neck and jawline. The procedure is performed using very small cannulas and a gentle suction device, which leads to less discomfort and downtime after the procedure. Like liposuction of the body, this treatment will only remove fatty deposits and will not tighten or firm skin. If patients have sagging skin as well as localized pockets of fat, more than one procedure may be required to achieve desired results.

Best Candidates

Men and women who make the best candidates for neck liposuction are usually of normal weight with localized pockets of fat around the neck. The procedure works best on patients with healthy skin tone without much skin sagging. Reasonable expectations for the outcome of the procedure increase the odds you are satisfied with your results.

Neck liposuction can be used to address the following:

  • Loss of definition around the jawline
  • The appearance of a double chin
  • Fatty deposits on the neck
  • Signs of aging in the neck (horizontal creases, etc.)

Neck liposuction may be performed alone or in combination with other procedures if additional concerns need to be addressed. If sagging skin and hanging jowls are a concern, the patient may consider a neck lift or mini face lift in addition to or in place of neck liposuction.

About the Procedure

Neck liposuction is performed by Dr. Geoffrey Leber—our board-certified plastic surgeon—as an outpatient procedure. It may be done using local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia. Tiny incisions are made to insert the narrow cannula directly into the fat pocket. As the cannula loosens fat tissue, a gentle suction device removes it from the body via the same instrument.

Neck liposuction typically takes one hour or less to complete, depending on the amount of fat to be removed. Patients remain in recovery for a short period of time to ensure there are no complications from the procedure or anesthesia. Most patients may return home the same day as their liposuction procedure.

Recovery and Results

There may be some bruising and swelling after the procedure, although many patients are pleasantly surprised to find discomfort is often minimal and effectively managed with oral medication. A compression garment will need to be worn for a number of day to reduce swelling and promote healthy blood flow in the area. Patients typically return to work and regular activities within 1-2 weeks.

Results of neck liposuction may not be fully evident until bruising and swelling subside. The results of this procedure could last anywhere from 5-10 years before a touch-up treatment may be required.

Dr. Leber and his staff are here to help you achieve your aesthetic goals in a safe and caring environment. If you’re interested in scheduling a procedure, reach us by phone (480) 945-5522 or email us.