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The ability to obtain greater cleavage is a common motivation for breast surgery and breast augmentation. Cleavage can not only help women enjoy a better fit in tight clothing, but it may also help patients feel more feminine, confident, and sensual. Breast augmentation using saline or silicone implants can be an effective way to achieve more visible cleavage, but the degree to which cleavage can be improved depends on each person’s anatomical needs and desires for the outcome.

In general, breast implants can be an effective way to enhance fullness in the upper poles of the breasts. Breast augmentation is also known for improving the shape, size, volume, and symmetry of the breasts, which are all factors that can contribute to greater cleavage and a more voluptuous silhouette. For patients who also experience sagging breasts, the best results may be achieved by combining breast implant placement with mastopexy — or breast lift surgery — to simultaneously elevate the breasts to a more rejuvenated positioning. Ultimately, a combined breast lift with implants procedure can provide a more youthful aesthetic in the chest overall.

The best approach for each person varies according to the details of your treatment plan, including the distance between the breasts, the current size of the breasts, and the extent of breast enlargement desired. Dr. Leber will evaluate your concerns and discuss the most ideal techniques to help you achieve the cleavage you envision.

Dr. Leber is committed to listening to your goals and developing the best treatment plan according to your needs. Contact Dr. Geoffrey Leber at our Boston office to learn more about breast surgery, or to schedule an initial consultation.