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Dr. Geoffrey Leber is pleased to announce the use of the Visia Complexion Analysis at his Scottsdale office. The Visia system provides the most comprehensive skin analysis available today, ensuring patients receive the best possible treatments for their specific needs. The Visia Complexion Analysis effectively captures essential information about specific areas of your skin Dr. Leber can tailor treatments with precision never seen before.


Visia Skin Analysis


Patients at Leber Skin and Laser Center begin their spa experience with a Visia skin analysis. Developed by Canfield Imaging Systems, this multi-spectral imaging system provides some of the most comprehensive information on skin health today. In addition to identifying areas requiring treatment, the Visia skin analysis can track treatments to determine whether those treatments are having the desired effect at the cellular level.


Who is it for?

Dr. Geoffrey Leber provides a Visia skin analysis to every patient at the first visit. The pain-free process takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and allows the med spa staff to customize skin care treatments to a patient’s specific needs. After the initial evaluation, the analysis is repeated every 3-4 months to ensure treatments are producing the desired results.


What does it do?

The Visia skin analysis system is used to evaluate the following areas affecting complexion health and appearance:

The system also compares one patient’s skin health to the skin of other women in the same age range and of similar ethnicities. This helps women understand the current condition of their skin more thoroughly, so they can make better choices about the products and treatments they choose.

How does it work?

Prior to the analysis, patients will be asked to remove all makeup and skin care products from the skin. The Visia skin analysis is performed in just a few minutes, using a series of close-up photos of the face. Results of the analysis are available immediately, and patients will be given a copy of the results to take home.

The Visia skin analysis is considered one of the most thorough evaluations of the skin available today.


Visia Benefits







What is the Visia Complexion Analysis?

The Visia Complexion Analysis is imaging technology that captures information in eight key complexion areas:



From fine lines to deeper creases, the Visia Complexion Analysis shows where they are located and how deep they are. Fine lines are characterized as light green lines, while deeper creases appear in a darker green hue.



Also referred to as “skin irregularities,” these brown or red lesions may be freckles, acne scarring, vascular lesions or hyperpigmentation. Visia detects their location, size and color so treatment options can be recommended.



Pores, the openings for sweat and oil ducts, can become clogged with dirt and oil, which leads to breakouts. Visia is able to distinguish between pores and skin spots through size and definition. When clusters of pores are seen through the analysis, it may indicate oily, breakout-prone skin.



An accurate evaluation of skin texture provides ample information about whether exfoliation treatment might be needed. Raised areas, such as pimples and dead skin cells, are shown in yellow. Indentations, caused by fine line and open pores, are indicated in blue.


UV Spots

UV spots are caused by sun damage that leads to an accumulation of melanin below the surface of the skin. Although these spots are often undetectable in normal lighting, the Visia system can accurately map UV spots to ensure proper treatment in the areas of greatest sun damage.


Brown Spots

Brown spots might include freckles, age spots and moles. These spots can lead to an irregular texture visible on the skin’s surface and are caused by increased melanin production. By pinpointing the location and size of these spots, treatment can be recommended to break apart melanocytes to achieve smoother skin.


Red Areas

Reddened areas of the skin are frequently caused by broken capillaries and are most common on the nose and cheeks. They can also indicate skin conditions like acne and rosacea. The Visia analysis shows where these spots are located, so laser treatment or other procedures may be performed.



These bacterial excretions can block pores and lead to acne breakouts. By detecting these areas accurately, spot treatment can be recommended as well as skin care for the appropriate skin type.

In addition to accurately diagnosing a wealth of skin issues and conditions, the Visia Complexion Analysis can be used to track whether a specific treatment or skin care product is producing the desired results. To learn more about the Visia Complexion Analysis, or to schedule your own skin evaluation, contact Dr. Geoffrey Leber’s office at 480-945-5522.