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If you are a looking for a quick and effective way to refresh your appearance, consider a microdermabrasion treatment. This tried-and-true procedure continues to be an excellent way to revive a dull complexion and minimize the appearance of minor skin imperfections. The procedure is one of the most popular at Leber Skin & Laser Center, due to its ability to attain positive results without pain or downtime.

The Exfoliation Advantage

Exfoliation treatments work by removing the outermost dead skin layers to reveal softer, smoother skin underneath. The removal of outer skin cells also allows for topical solutions to penetrate the skin more effectively so they can provide the greatest possible results. Exfoliation depths vary from procedure to procedure, with superficial exfoliation offering subtle lightening and radiance without discomfort or downtime. Deeper exfoliation produces more dramatic, long-lasting results, but involves significant recovery time in some cases.

Microdermabrasion falls into the superficial exfoliation category. This procedure uses a small tool to remove the outermost dead skin layer. At Leber Skin & Laser Center, we perform microdermabrasion using the DiamondTome Skin Resurfacing System, is a crystal-free approach to microdermabrasion.

Treatment Benefits

In addition to brightening your complexion, microdermabrasion can minimize the following skin concerns:

Dr. Leber and his staff will provide you with a complimentary consultation prior to your treatment to listen to your specific concerns and aesthetic goals. That way, they can let you know for sure if microdermabrasion is the right choice for you or if another treatment might offer more satisfying results. In some cases, microdermabrasion might be combined with another treatment, such as a skin tightening procedure that will produce an even better outcome.

Procedure Lowdown

Microdermabrasion is performed by a certified aesthetician at Leber Skin & Laser Center. There is no numbing required prior to treatment and patients typically find the procedure to be comfortable. Sessions typically last around 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. Patients can return to their daily activities as soon as the procedure is completed.

Getting Results

You will likely be able to see results of your microdermabrasion treatment right away. Your skin should look refreshed and sport a healthy glow. Imperfections like those listed above may seem less noticeable. This procedure tends to work best when treatments are repeated at regular intervals, such as every month or two. However, it can also be an effective way to spruce up your appearance before an event, such as that holiday party on your calendar.

Microdermabrasion is a treatment that has been around for many years. It sometimes gets hidden behind new procedures as they are introduced, but this tried-and-true treatment offers consistent, positive results for our patients. This is why many continue to stick with the procedure that works best for them. To learn more about microdermabrasion, contact Leber Skin & Laser Center at 855-339-0590.