The Benefits of Electronic Medical Records

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Dr. Geoffrey Leber and his staff are pleased to announce they are going paperless at their Scottsdale office in Arizona. The conversion to electronic medical records will benefit Dr. Leber’s patients in a number of ways, from making the first office visit more convenient to allowing Dr. Leber to focus even more on providing his patients with the highest quality of care. While moving from paper to electronic records is not an easy task, it is one that Dr. Leber will deliver long-lasting advantages for both his current and future patients.


What are Electronic Medical Records?

Electronic medical records, also referred to as EMRs, contain the same information found in a paper record, but in electronic format. Information will be specific to the physician’s practice and will include the patient’s medical history, past diagnoses and treatments and current medical conditions. The information in the EMR can be transferred to other providers as needed, like a paper file. However, an EMR may be sent more quickly and efficiently than faxing or hand-delivering a patient file.


What are the Advantages?

Dr. Leber moved to the EMR with his patients in mind. Patients will enjoy a number of benefits with the new EMR system, including:



The primary advantage for patients will be Dr. Leber’s ability to spend less time with paperwork and more time with patients. As a popular Arizona cosmetic surgeon, this additional time with his patients will give Dr. Leber more time to explain procedures and help patients determine which cosmetic treatment will meet their needs best. Dr. Leber believes this will translate to a higher quality of care overall for every patient that visits his office.

Electronic medical records is just one more way Dr. Leber and his staff are striving to make the plastic surgery experience safer and more comfortable for patients. Dr. Leber believes in devoting ample time and attention to each patient to ensure your plastic surgery produces the best results possible. From surgical procedures like breast augmentation and liposuction to cosmetic treatments offered at his award-winning Reflections Medical Spa, you will find the cosmetic treatments you are looking for to bring out your own natural beauty. To learn more about our practice, contact us today at 480-945-5522.