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The decision to undergo plastic surgery is a personal one that should be made with ample forethought and research. One of the most important factors in a successful procedure is the experience and expertise of the surgeon performing the surgery. To choose the right doctor, it is important to look beyond the price of the procedure to the physician’s ability to provide you with a safe and effective surgery.

The Importance of Membership

One of the first things to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon is whether that physician is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This organization is the largest plastic surgery association in the world and encourages the highest standards of professional care and safety by their members. Currently the organization boasts a membership of more than 7,000 doctors, which comprises approximately 94% of all plastic surgeons in the United States.

Qualifications for membership into ASPS are stringent and include:

These qualifications ensure that when you select a surgeon that is a member of ASPS, you are getting a physician that is well trained, experienced and wholly committed to the field of plastic surgery.

Marketing Services

A surgeon does not have to be a member of the ASPS to legally perform plastic surgery in the United States. In fact, a surgeon does not have to have any previous experience in plastic surgery at all. While it may be legal for these doctors to perform plastic surgery procedures, it does not guarantee the greatest odds of success for patients.

Some physicians dabbling in plastic surgery actively market their services in this area. Those that are trying to attract new patients may offer discounted services. However, these physicians may not be the most experienced or the best trained in the area of plastic surgery. You may enjoy a lower price, but the consequences of a failed procedure are never worth the savings.

If you are serious about getting plastic surgery, be smart about your options. Look for a surgeon who is a member of ASPS so you can rest assured that doctor has the experience and training to provide you with the highest quality of plastic surgery. The results of your procedure will indeed speak for themselves.

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