How to Fix a Broken Nose

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A broken nose does not always require formal medical treatment; however, attention from a doctor or a board-certified plastic surgeon may be necessary if the fracture has damaged the bones and/or cartilage of your nasal framework. The first step in addressing your nasal break is to have your injuries professionally evaluated. For a mild injury that has not resulted in a crooked or misshapen nose structure, your doctor may simply provide medications and advise you to heal at home.

If your fracture has displaced the bones and/or cartilage of your nose, an in-office manual realignment procedure—wherein your doctor realigns your nose using a splint and special medical instruments—may be enough to treat your injury. That said, a plastic surgeon may need to evaluate your broken nose in cases where:

Depending on the extent of facial trauma sustained, either rhinoplasty or nasal reconstruction can be ideal approaches to repair the nasal framework and reshape your nose. The likelihood of needing a surgical procedure is typically greater if it’s been more than 14 days since your nose was broken.

If you have a nose injury and require attention from a plastic surgeon, Dr. Geoffrey Leber can create a rhinoplasty treatment plan designed to repair damage and restore a natural-looking appearance. Please contact our Scottsdale- and Phoenix-area practice today to schedule a personal or virtual consultation with Dr. Leber.