Can I Get Rid of a Belly Pooch and C-Section Scar?

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Close up of a woman's lower abdomen, who is pointing to her c-section scar and holding a magnifying glass in front of it.
The body undergoes many physical changes after having children — some of which may be more unfavorable than others. For women who received a C-section, chief among these unwanted changes is often a “pooch” of excess skin and fat residing over their C-section scar. This overhanging tissue is sometimes referred to as a “C-shelf” and may cause the abdomen to protrude or appear damaged. While a healthy lifestyle and workout regimen will not do anything to remove loose skin, board-certified plastic surgeon Geoffrey Leber, MD, FACS offers effective solutions at his Scottsdale practice.

In addition to providing a sleeker abdominal contour and a slimmer waistline, abdominoplasty — or tummy tuck surgery — can also help remove a belly pooch and C-section scar. Depending on your unique needs, a tummy tuck may involve placing an incision underneath the C-section scar, helping ensure the entire “pooch” of excess tissue is removed along with any scarring. In other cases, a patient’s C-section scar may be “recycled” and utilized for their abdominoplasty to avoid further scarring. Dr. Leber will be able to speak with you about what to expect during your procedure based on your needs and anatomical indicators. In either case, it’s important to remember that a tummy tuck will unavoidably leave a new scar low on the pubis; however, this is easily hidden by most underwear and swimsuit bottoms, so evidence of surgery should be inconspicuous to outside observers. Abdominoplasty is considered the most effective cosmetic procedure capable of improving the appearance of a “C-shelf” and restoring a smooth, taut contour in the abdomen.

Dr. Leber understands how difficult it can be to reverse the unwanted changes caused by pregnancy, and he would be happy to examine your concerns and determine whether abdominoplasty, or another procedure, is the best solution to make your desires a reality. Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation at our Scottsdale office for more information.