Are Sagging Upper Arms Genetic?

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Although genetics may affect the way your body fat is distributed, sagging upper arms are primarily caused by two factors: extra weight or loose, redundant skin. Patients can even experience both issues, resulting in visible arm bulges sometimes referred to as “bat wings.” While a person can have a tight and well-defined arm contour all their life, a sagging look may develop due to a natural loss of muscle and skin tone as one ages. Exacerbated by excess weight, the upper arms can lose their supportive structure and start to hang. On the other hand, some patients may actually develop sagging arms after they’ve lost weight. After losing weight through bariatric surgery (or dieting and exercise), the skin is often stretched too much to simply “snap” back around the new shape of your arms. This quality, referred to as “skin elasticity,” is key to maintaining a smooth, sleek contour around the upper arms.

Fortunately, board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon Geoffrey Leber, MD offers two long-term solutions to restore a tight, youthful arm shape — no matter the cause of your arm sag. Depending on your anatomical needs, treatment options to sculpt the arms include:

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