Dr. Geoffrey Leber is pleased to announce he is offering patients an innovative approach to cosmetic procedures with TouchMD. This software system was created to enhance the relationship between physician and patient by putting essential information about the doctor, his practice and his procedure options at the patient’s fingertips. TouchMD promises to revolutionize the plastic surgery industry by empowering patients to take a greater role in their own treatment choices.


What is TouchMD?

TouchMD is a touchscreen computer system placed in examination rooms. While waiting for the physician, patients can look up information about the doctor’s credentials and practice. The easy to navigate software also allows the patient to review various procedures through educational videos and other visual presentations. Paperwork is also stored on the software system, allowing patients and providers to print and access any information needed during a patient’s visit to the practice.


Features of TouchMD for Dr. Leber’s patients include:


  • Virtual Tour – TouchMD is customized to our practice, allowing patients to review our facility and learn about Dr. Leber and other members of the team.


  • Before and After Gallery – Patients can see examples of Dr. Leber’s previous work and get an accurate idea of what results of their own procedure might look like.


  • Surgery Information – The system includes both pre- and post-operative information to let patients know precisely what they can expect during the entire plastic surgery process.


  • Topic Videos – Videos are available for most of the procedures provided by Dr. Leber, which are easily accessible through the TouchMD screen.


  • Personal TouchMD Web Portal – Once patients leave our office, they receive a personal password to access information on the system from home.


Benefits of TouchMD

Dr. Leber made the choice to add TouchMD to his office, because he believes it provides numerous benefits for his patients. Some of those benefits include:


  • Education – Patients can collect accurate information about plastic surgery options so that they can become an active participant in the decision-making process.


  • Seeing Results – Anatomy imaging allows patients to get a more accurate picture of what their plastic surgery results might look like.


  • Improved Doctor/Patient Relationship – Patients are able to access information about Dr. Leber and his staff so they can know them better. Information about procedures helps patients to ask relevant questions so they are fully prepared for surgery prior to the event.


  • Access at Home – Access to information is not restricted to Dr. Leber’s office; patients can also review information or learn new facts from the comfort of home with the personal web portal.

TouchMD is bringing the patient experience to a whole new level. To learn more about this innovative system, contact Dr. Leber’s office at 480-945-5522.