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Breast Augmentation Silicone

What We Offer

Patients seeking breast augmentation from Scottsdale plastic surgeon, Dr. Geoffrey Leber will discover a number of ways to visualize a new breast size before surgery. Our office offers the following tools for helping you select a breast implant:


  • Photos – Our photo archive includes thousands of patients who have previously undergone breast augmentation. We are able to find patients with similar proportions as you. We sort patients by height, weight, age and bra size. This will allow us to show you outcomes of people with similar proportions to your body. We also have the ability to search for patients accourding to the size and type of implant used. Viewing these before and after photos can be very useful for patients when determining what size and type of implant they are interested in for their breast augmentation.


  • Breast implant sizers – Patients can also try on different implant sizes under their bra at our office, to determine which implant size will work the best for them. By trying the sizers on under clothing, patients will see their new body contour as the rest of the world will see it.


  • 3D Imaging – One of the most effective methods for choosing breast implants is our innovative Vectra XT 3D body imaging system. This system uses six different cameras placed at various angles to reconstruct a 3-dimensional image of the breasts. The high resolution, color images offer patients a realistic view at what they would look like with different breast sizes from every angle.


Breast implant size can be a challenging choice for patients. However, with the many tools offered by Dr. Geoffrey Leber, patients can rest assured they have a realistic idea of what their new breast size will look like before undergoing the breast augmentation procedure.


The photos you are about to view may contain content only suitable for adults.