Tummy Tucks with Midline Skin Excision

AbdominoplastyIn some cases, Dr. Leber is able to perform abdominoplasty with an additional vertical incision down the midsection. This may be necessary after massive weight loss resulting in excessive tissue that can not be fully corrected with a traditional tummy tuck.  This technique produces a youthful, natural look with natural belly button and the advantage of maximal contouring of the abdomen in both the vertical and horizontal direction .

Recovery and Results

Patients typically stay one night at our overnight recovery center and perform only light activity for the first two weeks of recovery.  Intraoperative injection of a long lasting local anesthetic (Exparel) greatly diminishes post operative discomfort for the first three days of recovery.  Discomfort can then be managed with oral pain medication, while a compression garment worn after surgery will minimize swelling. Patients usually return to work and daily activities within 1-2 weeks after the procedure.

Results of the tummy tuck can be seen right after the procedure and continue to improve as the abdominal area heals. As long as a healthy weight is maintained after the procedure, tummy tucks are considered a permanent way to regain a firmer, leaner midsection.

Dr. Leber and his staff are here to help you achieve your aesthetic goals in a safe and caring environment. If you’re interested in scheduling a procedure, reach us by phone (480) 945-5522 or email us at appointments@drleber.com.