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Neck Liposuction

Whether due to age or genetics, fatty deposits can accumulate in the neck area for some people creating that double chin look and alter the neckline leading to a less attractive appearance.  A heavy neck and poorly defined jaw line is also less youthful making people look older than their age.  Neck liposuction allows removal of the fat that has collected on a patient’s neck and beneath their chin restoring a beautiful and well defined jaw line.


Neck liposuction works best for patients who have localized deposits of fat under the chin and have good skin quality.  However,  it can also be effective for patients with mild neck skin laxity.   The fat is removed with a very small cannula and the skin then re-drapes into the new contour, creating a more defined, youthful and attractive neck and jaw line without the need for skin removal.  Significant neck skin laxity or the presence of fat below the neck muscle (platysma), may require a face and neck lift or isolated neck lift.  These procures allow for removal of subplatysma fat and removal and repositioning of redundant and lax neck and facial tissues.


Neck liposuction is a powerful technique to improve the appearance of the neck.  This procedure is often performed in Dr. Leber’s office under local anesthesia with very little discomfort or downtime.


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