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Botox is very effective in relaxing and improving the appearance of moderate to deep facial lines and to reveal a more youthful, fresher look without any downtime. Schedule your treatment today (usually 20 minutes or less!) to experience the benefits yourself.


Some people are surprised to find out that Botox has been in use for decades and was originally used to treat patients with disorders ranging from crossed eyes to uncontrollable eyelid twitching. In 2002, the FDA approved the regulated use of Botox for corrective cosmetic procedures.  Botox has been used safely for nearly 23 years on millions of patients in over 70 countries.


At our practice servicing Phoenix and Scottsdale, Botox helps to smooth forehead lines, soften frown lines in the brow and reduce lines around the eyes (crows feet). This can change a person’s appearance from tired, angry and unapproachable to rested, happy and approachable.  


A video demonstration of Dr. Leber injecting Botox can be found at 

Dr. Leber Botox demonstration


Botox is not recommended for patients who have a known allergy to Botox, a skin infection where they plan to have the injections, a muscle or nerve disease, breathing issues, swallowing issues, bleeding issues, an upcoming surgery, recent previous facial surgery, weak forehead muscles, drooping eyelids, or are pregnant or breast-feeding.


Would you like more information about Botox? Scottsdale residents and and those in the greater Phoenix area can contact us. Or, to schedule an appointment for Botox, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa and Phoenix prospective patients may call (480) 945-5522.



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