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Skin Rippling and Wrinkling

Thinning of the breast tissue can occur over time in the inferior and lateral pole of the breast as the breast implant settles and stretches the lower pole of the breast.  This can lead to visible or palpable implant rippling or wrinkling inferiorly and laterally on the breast which is far more common with saline implants and textured implants.  This can be unflattering without clothing or when wearing a bathing suit.  Replacement of saline or textured implants with smooth walled highly cohesive silicone gel filled implants can markedly reduce the appearance of breast implant ripples and wrinkles.  Severe thinning of the breast tissue inferiorly and laterally may require placement of an acellular tissue matrix such as Strattice to further support the breast implant an provide additional tissue coverage and greatly reducing the appearance of severe rippling and wrinkling.  Patients with implants above the muscle (subglandular placement), who visible rippling and wrinkling in the upper pole of the breast can greatly benefit from subpectoral conversion to add additional tissue between the implant and the skin surface.


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