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Lateral Implant Displacement

Over dissection of the implant pocket can lead to early implant malposition.  The breast implant can move to far laterally which is accentuated when lying down.  The breast implant location can also fall below the intended inframammary crease giving the breast a “bottoming out” appearance.  This lateral and sometimes inferior implant displacement widens the gap between breasts making less desirable cleavage and less youthful looking breasts.  Larger and heavier implants can also contribute to implant malposition.    This is accomplished by releasing the scar tissue around the breast implant superiorly, medially and anteriorly to allow the implant to be repositioned in the upper and medial pole improving cleavage and narrowing the gap between the breasts.  The pocket is then narrowed with internal sutures (capsulorrhaphy) placed inferiorly and laterally.  These sutures support the breast implant in its desired medial and superior position preventing further lateral displacement and bottoming out while narrowing the gap between the breasst and restoring beautiful cleavage.


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