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Implant Replacement and Mastopexy

Breast shape and elasticity often changes after having children and breast feeding.  Additionally, breast implants can become malpositioned and the breast may become droopy over time.  Many patients have saline implants and wish to have new silicone implants placed to decrease visible or palpable wrinkling and/or rippling.  Implant removal and replacement often requires pocket revision with superior, anterior and medial pocket release (capsulotomy), allowing a more medial and superior implant placement.  This improves cleavage and helps narrow the gap between the breasts.  Inferior lateral pocket narrowing with internal sutures (capsulorraphy), helps to keep the implant in the correct position, correcting inferior and lateral implant malposition, further improving cleavage.  Lastly, a breast lift (mastopexy) helps to improve symmetry of the breasts and improves the breast shape by removing the bottom heavy portion of the breast including repositioning and resizing the nipple areola complex.


Dr. Leber specializes in revision breast surgery which is far more challenging than primary breast surgery.  The experience that Dr. Leber acquired from performing many breast reconstruction cases early in his career enabled him to fine tune his skills allowing him to achieve optimal results.

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