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Implant deflation can occur with saline breast implants.  Gradual deflation of the implant over 2-3 days may occur if there is loss of integrity of the implant shell.  The saline is usually absorbed by the body and causes no harm.  Textured saline implants had a very high rate of rupture and deflation and are no longer recommended for use.  If implant rupture is suspected, diagnosis can usually be confirmed by examination by an experienced plastic surgeon.  Removal of both implants is usually recommended along with pocket revision as necessary to improve the breast size shape and symmetry.  It is more difficult to detect a rupture with silicone implants.  With the latest generation of highly cohesive silicone gel filled implants, if the shell of the implant becomes compromised and the scar tissue around the implant (capsule) remains intact, the breast shape and size may not change.  This is referred to silent implant rupture.  If a rupture is suspected but not confirmed by exam, an MRI may help make the diagnosis.


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