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Breast Lift (Dermal Wing Mastopexy)

A traditional breast lift (inferior pedical based mastopexy or reduction mastopexy), relies of the breast skin to hold the breast tissue to its higher position on the chest wall. This will inevitably lead to recurrent ptosis (hanging or bottoming out) of the breast due to the skin stretching.  Recognizing this problem, Dr. Leber developed a procedure that he calls the  “Dermal Wing Mastopexy” or “Dermal Wing Reduction” which helps to better support the lifted breasts and utilizes the patients own tissue to achieve more breast upper pole volume (auto augmentation) and is less reliant on the overlying skin for support.

With his technique nearly the entire breast parenchyma can be repositioned higher on the chest wall and held in place with the medial and lateral dermal wings anchored to the pectorals fascia.  Support of the entire breast mound at it’s higher location is achieved much like a sling or “internal bra”.  Immediate improved fullness in the breast upper poles (cleavage line) is noticed, along with what Dr. Leber believes is a longer lasting uplifted breast due to the added support of the internal “dermal Wings”.  In Dr. Leber’s practice, he has found this technique often provides sufficient upper pole volume and cleavage, in an otherwise deflated breast, often making placement of an implant unnecessary.


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