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Breast Augmentation Scars

Dr. Leber has experience with all types of breast augmentation incisions.  His preferred method is through the inframammary crease.  This location is well concealed in the natural crease just below the breast tissue.  It is an ideal location because it allows direct access to the implant pocket without violating the breast tissue.  Periareola incisions require dissection through the breast tissue and divide ductal tissue in the process.  This may lead to bacterial contamination of an implant placed through this type of access incision.  The size and shape of the implant and the patients existing anatomy make proper planning for the final crease location essential.  This will insure the best scar location will be in the new crease location and not on the patients breast or chest.  Transaxillary incisions are not ideal for larger silicone implants as are prefilled and require a larger incision.  Periumbilical scar location is not advised with silicone implant placement.




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