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250 cc Moderate Saline

Dr. Leber prefers to place breast implants below the muscle in a subpectoral position.  Advantages with this position include less capsular contraction and better tissue coverage in the breast upper pole, leading to less rippling and wrinkling and implant palpability compared to above the muscle implant placement (subglandular).  The subpectoral pocket is initially tight causing a round firm and unnatural looking breast early in recovery.  As the muscle relaxes the implant begins to settle into position leading to a fuller lower breast p0le and a more natural upper pole appearance.  The nipple may appear to low during this period.  As the implant settles into its correct position, the nipple will once again be centered on the breast mound and the breast will feel soft and more natural.  The implant settling process usually takes between 4-6 weeks however it may take longer in some patients.  While the implant is high, Dr. leber recommends wearing an upper pole strap and downward implant massage which facilitates the implant settling process.


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