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Abdominoplasty with Severe Rectus Diastasis

Pregnancy along with massive weight gain and subsequent loss can lead to stretching of the abdominal wall.  The space between the vertical rectus abdominus muscle widens and is unable to contract leading to laxity and loss of shape and contour of the abdominal wall.  This can not be corrected with exercise alone.  In some cases the diastasis can be very severe leading to complete loss of tone of the abdominal wall giving the appearance of being pregnant.  Even for those with severe diastasis, the problem can be fixed during a tummy tuck procedure. The excess tissue is folded and sutured and the tummy tuck can give patients a slimmer waistline and flatter abdomen.  With Dr. Leber’s technique of both verticle and horizontal suture lines, maximal correction can be obtained while preserving a very natural abdominal contour and shape.


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