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Abdominoplasty Scar

A well located and concealed scar is essential to achieve a great abdominoplasty result.  Dr. Leber plans his abdominoplasty scars to be within the patients bikini line.  Scars can be located below a low bikini line with carful planning and technique.  Generally the planed tissue (skin and fat) removal extends from below the low bikini line to just above the belly button tapering off bilaterally.  the lower incision is made first and a incision is made around the belly button.  The abdominal tissue is then carefully elevated off the abdominal wall fascia and muscles all the way up to the ribs under the breasts.  The abdominal wall plication is then performed tightening the abdominal wall internally. The tissue is then re draped and the excess lower abdominal tissue is removed.


In most cases the upper incision is just above the old umbilical exit location allowing removal of this opening. Occasionally there is not enough tissue redundancy and/or elasticity to remove all of this tissue.  In these cases the upper incision is located just below the old belly button exit site.  This exit site is then closed as a small vertical scar which is then sutured to the lower abdominal horizontal scar.  This scar is usually of no concern to the patient because of its low location and concealment within bikini lines.  Some patients chose to remove this short vertical scar.  Once the tissues have relaxed a serial scar excision can be performed.  This is accomplished in the office under local anesthesia in one or two stages allowing complete removal of the short vertical scar.


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